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Our Past Judges and Winners

Louise Bogan Award: Clay by David Groff, selected by Michael Waters
Trio Award: Gold Passage by Iris Jamahl Dunkle, selected by Ross Gay

Louise Bogan Award: Flight of August by Lawrence Eby, selected by Joan Houlihand
Trio Award: The Consolations by John W. Evans, selected by Mihaela Moscaliuc

Louise Bogan Award: The Alchemy of My Mortal Form by Sandy Longhorn, selected by Carol Frost
Trio Award: What the Night Numbered by Bradford Tice, selected by Peter Campion

Louise Bogan Award: Bone Music by Stephen Cramer, selected by Kimiko Hahn
Trio Award: Rigging a Chevy into a Time Machine, and Other Ways to Escape a Plague by Carolyn Hembree, selected by Neil Shephard

Louise Bogan Award: The Short Drive Home by Joe Osterhaus, selected by Chard DeNiord
Trio Award: Dark Tussock Moth by Mary Cisper, selected by Bhisham Bherwani

Louise Bogan Award: Campbell McGrath
Trio Award: Jennifer Barber

Editorial Staff
Tayve Neese, Co-Executive Editor
Terry Lucas, Co-Executive Editor & Intern Coordinator
Dorinda Wegener, Managing Editor
Sara Lefsyk, Editor
Issa Lewis, Editor
Carolyn Hembree, Intern Coordinator

Shelly Rodrigue, Volunteer Intern
Jane Green, Volunteer Intern
Collective Members
   Stephen Cramer
   Carolyn Hembree

   Sandy Longhorn

   Kyle McCord

   Annmarie O'Connell

   Bradford Tice


Lea Deschenes, Interior Design
Advisory Board
Peter Campion
Terry Ehret
Joan Houlihan
Ilya Kaminsky
Ivy Page
Michael Waters