Trio House Press
publishing distinct voices in American Poetry
since 2011

About Trio House

Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote poetry as a literary art enhancing culture and the human experience.

Our Vision

To publish three collections of poems annually by emerging and established poets in order to increase the availability of new and diverse poetry.

To provide educational materials to promote understanding of poetry and its personal and cultural relevance for students and the general public.

To encourage the artistic process of writing poetry.

About THP

Trio House Press is an independent literary press publishing three or more collections of poems annually. We offer two annual poetry awards:  the Trio Award for First of Second Book for emerging poets, and the Louise Bogan Award for Artistic Merit and Excellence for a book of poems contributing in an innovative and distinct way to American poetry. We also offer an annual open reading period for manuscript publication. 

Editorial Staff
Matt Mauch, Co-executive Editor

Tayve Neese, Co-executive Editor, Co-founder

Sara Lefsyk, Managing Editor

Michael Kleber-Diggs, Assistant Editor

Issa Lewis, Assistant Editor

Sarah Dumitrascu, Editor

Alexandre Ferrere, Editor

Joanna Penn Cooper, Editor

Mary-Catherine Jones, Editor

Scotty Lewis, Editor 

Dorinda Wegener, Editor, Co-founder

Patrick Werle, Editor

Hadley Hendrix, Copy Editor

Michael Kleber-Diggs

Michael Kleber-Diggs

Support and Design 
Lea Deschenes

Kadeem Locke

Rachel Whitesell

Advisory Board

Terry Ehret

Joan Houlihan

Terry Lucas

Ivy Page

Michael Waters