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since 2012

Past Judges and Award Winners

Past Judges and Award Winners

Louise Bogan Award: Clay by David Groff, selected by Michael Waters
Trio Award: Gold Passage by Iris Jamahl Dunkle, selected by Ross Gay

Louise Bogan Award: Flight of August by Lawrence Eby, selected by Joan Houlihand
Trio Award: The Consolations by John W. Evans, selected by Mihaela Moscaliuc

Louise Bogan Award: The Alchemy of My Mortal Form by Sandy Longhorn, selected by Carol Frost
Trio Award: What the Night Numbered by Bradford Tice, selected by Peter Campion

Louise Bogan Award: Bone Music by Stephen Cramer, selected by Kimiko Hahn
Trio Award: Rigging a Chevy into a Time Machine, and Other Ways to Escape a Plague by Carolyn Hembree, selected by Neil Shepard

Louise Bogan Award: The Short Drive Home by Joe Osterhaus, selected by Chard DeNiord
Trio Award: Dark Tussock Moth by Mary Cisper, selected by Bhisham Bherwani
Louise Bogan Award: Two-Towns Over by Darren C. Demaree, selected by Campbell McGrath
Trio Award: Cleave by Pamela Johnson Parker, selected by Jennifer Barber
Louise Bogan Award: Waiting for the Wreck to Burn by Michele Battiste, selected by Jeff Friedman
Trio Award: My Afmerica by Artress Bethany White, selected by Sun Yung Shin 신 선 영
Louise Bogan Award: Sweet Beast by Gabriella R. Tallmadge, selected by Sandy Longhorn
Trio Award: Song Box by Kirk Wilson, selected by Malena Mörling

Louise Bogan Award: Bloomer by Jessica Hincapie, selected by LeeAnn Roripaugh
Trio Award: The Fallow by Megan Neville, selected by Stephen Healey