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If You're Lucky Is a Theory of Mine by Matt Mauch

2012 Open Reading Selection
Matt Mauch is the author of Prayer Book (Lowbrow Press) and the chapbook The Brilliance of the Sparrow (Mondo Bummer). He hosts the annual Great Twin Cities Poetry Read, and also the Maeve’s Sessions readings, and edits the anthology Poetry City, USA, an annual collection of poetry and prose on poetry. A 2011 recipient of Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant, his poems have appeared in numerous journals, including Salt Hill, H_NGM_N, DIAGRAM, Willow Springs, The Los Angeles Review, South Dakota Review, Sonora Review, Water~Stone Review, ILK, NOÖ Journal, InDigest, and Spinning Jenny, and on the Poetry Daily and Verse Daily websites. Mauch teaches creative writing at Normandale Community College, and lives in Minneapolis.

Lesser than


We see geese in the air. We posit takeoff,

posit landing. We see geese on the ground, in grass.

We posit a second home in water.

We would have missed the geese in the air if

not for the shadows of flying geese.

The geese we saw in the grass

were wary of a dog of its leash. A bark alerted us.

We saw sentry geese eyeing the dog.

We posited nesting.

We discussed. We posit

the self as feather. We continue to posit the we

for whom the spokesperson

is me. We speak of life

as a long, long, climb. Doesn't

really matter that there isn't a we here

aside from right here

where I say it. Doesn't matter that

I've been bleeding to death

for years, leaving myself on chairs

and dollar bills,

on shoestrings, in palms.

We posit getting there. We posit

a there that is nothing

like here. We breathe

in heavy after an uphill stretch, hands on hips,

clasped and cupping the head. We posit

that the shadows of angels

are identical to the shadows of geese. We

whisper and we don't know why.


Previously published in Squaw Valley Review