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Single Gift: Your monetary gift, in any amount, will ensure that future Trio House Press titles continue to be published. 

Make a $100.00 donation and receive our three most recent titles.

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Become a Book Series Patron: All Book Series Patrons, and those they wish to acknowledge, will be recognized for their support within the books they support and on our website.  Acknowledge a family member, a memory of a loved one, or a friend, and become a Trio House Press Book Series Patron.   All book series patrons also receive all titles published during the year in which they give.

$3600.00   Honorarium Patron Support
This level of patronage allows for production, design, marketing, and other operational costs that are associated with publishing a single title in our book series.

$1400.00   Full Patron Support
This level of support allows for production support of a single title in our book series.

$700.00   Shared Patron Support
This level of support is shared with one other patron in order to allow for production support of a single title in our book series.


Trio House Press Book Series includes:

The Trio Award Series for a first or second book of poems by an emerging poet.

The Louise Bogan Award Series for a book of poems exemplifying artistic excellence and merit.

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